Phonup Offers the Best Care of your Smartphone and Tablet

New Delhi, Delhi, India

Phonup, which is a joint venture between Francorp and Phonup Italy. Phonup offers the widest range of new and certified Pre-owned smartphones and tablets under one roof. To offer customers a trust worthy and transparent solution, every product at Phonup goes through extensive 40+ quality checks before being sold to the customers. What’s more is that every smartphone and tablet offered from Phonup comes with a 12 months of warranty.

Phonup is also offering a world class repair for all leading brands. It will be a one stop shop that takes care of all repair and maintenance needs for wide range of smartphones and tablets. The company is deploying world class equipment’s and tools that ensure that your smartphone and tablet continue to run as good as new even years after. It brings in Italian expertise to the Indian market.In a largely unorganized market for mobile phone repairs, Phonup offers honest and reliable repairs that are conducted only by certified trained professionals. Phonup also offers special packages that help in gauging the overall health of your smartphone and tablets.

The company also offers premium range of accessories, like earphones, charger, data cables and power banks with replacement warranty.

Phonup is also offering extended warranty plans for the products at an affordable cost. This extended warranty can also be purchased for household appliances and not just for phones and tablets. The services offered by Phonup are not just honest and transparent but also value for money. Every device that is sold through Phonupcomes with “freebees.”

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