How to Properly Charge Phone Battery

How you properly charge phone battery is one of the essential factors that affect the battery lifespan. Make sure you shed out all the bad charging habits and apply a bit of extra care to get the most out of your battery. We have outlined the best battery care information in the article which will keep your phone’s battery as long as possible.

Properly Charge Phone Battery

Don’t fully charge or fully drain your battery: According to the experts, partial charges for example between 65% and 75% are ideal and also don’t cause any harm. Even a phone in a sleeping condition uses the battery. Whenever you get time, charge your phone even if it’s for a minute. Full recharge can shorten the battery’s lifespan as a high voltage stresses the battery. So don’t charge it to 100 percent all the time. Also never let the battery drop below 20 percent. From 40 to 80 percent is a good battery recharge range.

Use the right charger: It is highly recommended that you should charge your phone with the right charger. Never buy any cheaper charger or ‘miracle charge’.  This miracle charger promises that it can charge the phone from 0 to 100 percent in a matter of seconds. But that fast charging puts huge stress on your battery.  So make sure you’re using the charger bundled with your phone. In case your charger lost or wrecked you should buy in an exact replacement. Make sure that a third-party charger is approved by your phone’s manufacturer. The original or right charger will be a boon for your battery’s general health.

Charging at night: According to the experts, you should not charge a lithium-ion battery all night or unattended. Charging to 100% causes the most damage to a phone battery’s lifespan so it’s better to cut the night charging habit. However, there isn’t any risk in leaving your phone charging all night.

Make sure you keep the devices in a comfortable environment: Room temperature is the perfect environment to charge the device at.  Anything above 100 F will cut down the battery life. You should never leave your phone in a hot car, on the beach or next to the oven as well as never charge a battery when the temperature is near freezing. Never leave your phone in the freezer or out in the snow.

Fast Charging: Today several phones come with a feature that allows for fast charging which is not a good thing. Adaptive fast charging features will heat up that Li-ion battery and causes long-term bad effects and wear and tear on the battery lifespan.

During Purchase: Our Phone battery is shipped with 40% charge. It is advisable to read and trail the instructions as soon as you unboxing the phone and fully charge the battery before using it.

This little bit of care will surely extend the life of your phone’s battery.

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